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So You Want to Be a Spy -
Forget Tom Clancy and James Bond. Become the real thing with this classified information. (6/26/03)
Top 10 Must See Car Chases -
High-speed chases and getaways are part of the spy job description. Catch these tire-screeching masterpieces and learn from the best. (6/19/03)
Make Love to Your Computer - Learn about the exciting field of teledildonics. No, we're not kidding. (4/30/03)
Sexual Aids Timeline  -
Read about the drugs and devices people use to get their groove on. (5/2/03)

Old TechTV articles

Digital Hollywood: Not All Glamour
Broadcast Video From Anywhere in the World

A Fax Machine in Your Browser

Top 10 Must have Downloads

Online PIMs

Find Your Files

Picking a Search Engine
Online Data Backup

Wireless Fashion Show
Spring Internet World 2000's Top 10 Other Stories
Product Demos Go Gong Show
Add AOL Chat to Your Site

Do You Still Fax?

Yeah Baby!  An Interview with the Writers of the New Austin Powers Game
Real World Uses for Your PDA

Web Form Results in Your Email Box
Copyright Issues Flood the Web

Turn Your Old Pentium into an MP3 Jukebox
Catalog Your CD Collection

Organize Your BookmarksDavid

Silicon Spin with John Gage

Designing Business Cards
Tips for ICQ addicts

Analyzing Your Site's Traffic
Keep Phone Bills Under Budget

How to be a Shameless Website Self-Promoter

Website Promotional Journal for www.davidspark.com

Going to the Movies

Quick and Easy Halloween Masks

Why Can't I Print an Envelope?

You're Invited to a Meta Tag Search Party
The Tie that Binds is on a CD-ROM
Taming Your Television
Desktop Tips for Windows 98
Affordable PDAs

Microsoft's Monopoly & Consumers

Computer Pranks

PDA's on Call for Help

Will you vote for E-Bush or E-Gore?
What works when you're not connected?
Building Alternative E-Stores 
From a Nobody to a Somebody

Is There Room for More Auction Sites?

All Searches Are Not Created Equal

Get In Get Out. And Nobody Gets Hurt
The Inside Scoop on Getting Free Press

HTML Newsletters

What Goes in a Web Ad?

Repeat Visitors to Your Site
Look Deep Into My Website

When Customers Don't Know What to Buy

The Cost of Customer Trust

Talk Isn't Cheap

Where to Place Those Ads

Building Customer Support Into Your Site

Do You Know Where You're Going?
A Virus That's Good for Business

Getting them to Click on Your Banner Ad
Mixing Broadband and Ecommerce

Does Your Homepage Provide Answers?

Nobody Wants to Talk About Shaving

When Customers Don't Know What to Buy

Auction Selling Tips

Getting It Out the Door

Brick and Mortar:  Asset or Dead Weight?

King Client: Treating Your Customers Like Royalty

Product Information

Can Your Prices Compete?

Your Online Window Display 
Pushing Your Products

Getting Around Your Site

Pokemon Problems?
Unfortunately these are no longer available:
AOL vs. ISPs 

Cell Phones vs. Pagers 

Win CE vs. Palm Pilot 

Jupiter Devices vs. Ultralight Notebooks 

Desktop or Laptop for College Students  

CRT vs. LCD 
Buying Online vs. Buying in a Store

Laser vs Inkjet printers

Cable Modem vs DSL


Brand Name vs. No Name

Console Gaming vs. PC Gaming

MAC vs. PC

So what the hell do you do on TechTV, Dave?

I wrote, edited, produced and sometimes appear on a bunch of shows on TechTV.  If you asked my coworkers, they'd say I just make their lives miserable.  But that's one of the wonders of television.  You never saw that.

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