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Rejoin The Conversation - Resolve Network Card & Modem Problems (4/03)
Your Desktop’s A Mess - Clean Up The Clutter & Help Your System Run More Efficiently (3/03)

Wall-To-Wall Networking - How To Plug Your PCs Into A Powerline Network (2/03)
Be a Program Manager - Install and Delete Windows 3.1 Software (1/03)
Old Dog, New Tricks - Tips and Tricks for Windows 98 and Windows ME (11/02)
Rearrange Your File Cabinet - Tricks to Manage Files and Folders (11/02)
Look Me Up - Metadata: It’s What’s Inside Your MP3 Files (10/02)
Weapon Of Choice - CD-R vs. CD-RW (10/02)
Get Off The Phone - The Pings & Pops Of Internet Telephony (10/02)
Delivery Decisions - Configure Outlook Express To Work The Way You Do (9/02)
A Little Bit Faster Now - Squeeze The Most Out Of Your Dial-Up Connection (9/02)
Spending Cache - Manage Your Cache In Internet Explorer (9/02)
It’s More than Just Point and Shoot - What You Need To Know To Be A Great Cameraperson (8/02)
Tabloid Photography 101 - Digital Sleight Of Hand Produces Photo Composites (8/02)
Chicken Scratch - Help PDAs Recognize Penmanship The
Right Way (7/02)
When A Navigator Gets Lost - The Road To Fixing Netscape 6's Quirks (7/02)
Program Problems – When Your Applications Fail to Install or Work (7/02)
One Day it Works, the Next Day it Doesn’t - Resolve Problems Sending & Receiving E-mail  (6/02)
Without a Sound – What to Do When Your PC Won’t Speak Up (6/02)

Wireless Input Devices - Tools That Help You Communicate With Your Computer (5/02)
The Digital Schoolhouse - A World of Information and a World of Concerns (4/02)
Social Engineering - The Quiet Con Game (4/02)
Working Arrangement - 24 ways to put your Windows 98 desktop in order. (3/02)

Dave Defines the letter "D" for a computer encyclopedia! 
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- Desktop theme to digital photography
- digital rights management to direct access
- directory to dithering
- DLL to Dynamic RAM

Ready For Your Close-Up? - Sites Give You A Chance To Be The Directorial Star. (11/01)
Q&A about Digital Photography - Shop Around For The Best Camera Prices. (11/01)
Site Source - Today is the Day to Put Your Company on the Web.  (10/01)

Spin Cycle - PowerPoint Makes Even Bad News Look Good. (10/01)
Your Basic Budget - Let Excel Help Keep Your Finances In Order. (10/01)
Show The Clip - Reports Of Clippy’s Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated. (10/01)
Online Photo Albums - Let The World Rummage Through Your Shoebox Of Photos. (10/01)
We Can PGP, Can You? - Get Some Pretty Good Privacy, PDQ. (10/01)
They Know Where You Go - Internet Cookies Can Be a Monster. (9/01)

The Letter "D?"

Yep, that's right.  Smart Computing hired me to write encyclopedic definitions for all words between Desktop to Dynamic RAM.  You'll see it in your local bookstore and newsstands soon!

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