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Maybe you read Dave here?

This is the one piece I wrote for PCWorld.

Produced and edited these videos for PC World: 
How to Set Up a Wireless Network
How to Install a Hard Drive
Gadget Corner: Slick, Simple PowerPoint Remotes
Gadget Corner: Wristwatches With High-Tech Extras
How to Set Up Multiple Monitors
Hitachi's G1000 PDA Cell Phone: An all-in-one for you?
Subnotebooks Go Head to Head
How To Create A Panoramic Photograph

Mt. Everest - Jim Bruton - June, 1998
Stories From the Front Lines -
June, 1998
Interesting interviews with people who use their laptops in unusual ways.

Why did you write only one piece for PCWorld?

Well, right after I finished this piece I got hired by ZDTV.  And CMP, the publisher of PCWorld, is the arch nemesis of ZD.   And for some kooky reason, Ziff Davis doesn't like it when you write for the enemy

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