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Is that all there is to say about Dave?

"If the woman is having a difficult time reaching orgasm, I recommend a cucumber or Dave’s New Joke Revue."

- Dr. Ruth Westheimer

"The chemistry between Julia Roberts and Dave Spark is riveting. Someone call the Academy or whatever awards program sanctions new joke revues. I’ve got the winner for new joke revue of the decade!"

- Michael Medved,
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"If God brought funny to us in the form of a Jew, why didn't he just call it Dave Spark?"

- Golda Maier

"When 'Funny' takes a holiday, it books all it's reservations with Dave Spark."

- Travel agent, Club Med

"After seeing Dave's New Joke Revue I've got the strength of 10 men.  Problem is that they're all named, 'Herb.'"

- Charles Atlas

"I can’t believe I wasted five bucks on Dave’s New Joke Revue."

- An unsatisfied customer

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