If You See One New Joke Revue this Year, Make Sure It’s Dave’s

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YAY DAVE!Stop Dave!  You're killing me!
"I never laughed so hard in my life, and that Sheena Easton is one hot babe."

- Some Random Drunk

"Dave's New Joke Revue picks up where Donnie and Marie's Going Bananas left off."

- Buddy Luv,
The Hollywood Nanosecond

"Dave's New Joke Revue puts the ‘commie’ back in comedy."

- Mikhail Gorbachev

"If France is looking for a new Jerry Lewis, may we point with pride to our homegrown star spangled hebe of hilarity, Dave Spark."

- Leonard Maltin,
Entertainment Tonight

"Dave's New Joke Revue made me laugh so hard I peed...Then again, I can't control my bladder."

- Depends user

"Don't blame us for Dave's New Joke Revue."

- Dave's parents

"Let me dispel a rumor.  Watching Dave's New Joke Revue does not mean you're gay."

- Harvey Fierstein

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