The New Joke Revue of New Joke Revues

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Got to love that DaveIs that Dave Spark really that funny?
"Two thumbs up. I laughed. I cried. I laughed and cried. I ate all my popcorn. I ate all my Milk Duds. I ate all my Jujubees. I ate all my M&Ms. I ate all my peanut M&Ms. I ate all my Junior Mints. I ate all my Reese's Cups. I drank all my soda. I ate the paper cup. I went back to the concession stand and ate one of the employees."

- The Fat Guy,
Siskel & Ebert

"I've got three words for Dave Spark - Funny, Funny, Jew."

- Joel Siegel,
Good Morning America

"Move over Rip comes Dave Spark."

- Willie Tyler and Lester

"I loved it!"

- Gene Shallit,
The Today Show

"What's black and white and can't go through a revolving door?...I don't know, but isn't Dave Spark really funny?"

- From "Truly Tasteless Jokes"

"Dave Spark - the master of laughing for no apparent reason."

- Harvey Korman and Tim Conway

"Dave's New Joke Revue cranks funny to 11!"

- Nigel, Spinal Tap

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