Critics and Audiences are Cheering One of the Year’s Most Enjoyable New Joke Revues

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"Dave's New Joke Revue delivers a one-two punch. First he hits you with a joke, and then he makes you think a little about yourself."

- Rex Reed

"Dave’s New Joke Revue has all the warmth, humor and action of Hollywood's best buddy cop movies, but without the buddy cop."

- Judge #3, Star Search

"Go out and get your Cliff Notes ‘cause Dave’s New Joke Revue is an instant classic?"

- Alistar Cooke,

"Finally, Dave Spark takes bathroom humor out of the toilet and into your heart."

- The critic who thought each succesive Police Academy movie was an improvement.

"You'd be safer driving an Edsel into a brick wall than spending and evening with Dave Spark."

- Ralph Nader,
Consumer Advocate

"Dave's New Joke Revue left me in stiches!"

- Frankenstein

"If you had suspicions that men and women weren't different, see the androgenous Dave Spark to confirm your belief."

- Grace Jones

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