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tathamlogo.jpg (6306 bytes)Euro RSCG-Tatham
Chicago, IL
Summer, 1993 - Winter, 1996

Media Systems Supervisor - Provide media department with software, hardware and network support. Wrote programs for the media buying and planning departments.  Click here for a list.

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Davis Ball & Colombatto Advertising
San Francisco, CA

Media Planner - Designed competitive analysis between McDonald's and other fast food restaurants. Using regression analysis, discovered exponential trend between sales and advertising dollars spent.

Media Solutions, Inc.
St. Louis, MO
Media Planning - Helped design computer software to determine the diminishing rates of return of advertising effectiveness.
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St. Louis, MO
Fall, 1987 - Spring, 1990

Research Assistant - Worked on managerial decision making experiment for Behavioral Sciences department. Duties included administering experiments, writing computer programs in BASIC and Fortran, and analysing data for statistical significance using STATA.(Spring, 1990)
Computer Programmer - Designed computer programs to simulate market activity in BASIC and Fortran. (Fall, 1989)
Teaching Assistant - Responsible for teaching classes and grading papers in Managerial Statistics course. (Spring, 1988 - Fall, 1988)
Mathematics Tutor - Tutored students in statistics, computer statistics, calculus, and basic math for the GRE and GMAT. (Fall, 1987 - Spring, 1990)

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