DISCLAIMER:  I spent an inordinate amount of time working in the advertising industry.  If you're thinking about doing it yourself, call me and I'll talk you down from it.

Second City
Chicago, IL
Winter, 1996 - Spring, 1998

Comedy Writer - Write comedy scripts for corporate conferences. Clients that have been annoyed and delighted by Dave's comedy are:  Ameritech, Square DArthur Andersen, Motorola, Xerox.

Live MarketingLive Marketing
Chicago, IL
Summer, 1995 - Spring, 1998

Writer - Write scripts for live performances at trade shows. Did you get a chance to see these trade shows that were seasoned a la Dave?

Comdex '95-Las Vegas, NV
Comnet '96-Washington, DC
IBM Net Files Web Site
also designed and written by Dave.

Telecon '96
SuperComm '97
Fall Comdex '97
Comdex '95-Las Vegas, NV
AIIM '96-Chicago, IL
Bandai Digital Entertainment
PC Expo '96-New York
MacWorld '96-Boston
E3 '97
Computer Telephony Fall Demo '97
Internet World '97
tathamlogo.jpg (6306 bytes)Euro RSCG-Tatham
Chicago, IL
Summer, 1993 - Winter, 1996

Media Systems Supervisor - Responsible for providing PC support for 70 person media department. Work involved programming, purchasing, instructing and troubleshooting software and hardware on a Novell LAN.  For a list of programs, click here.

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Mediasmith, Inc.

San Francisco, CA

Media Planning - Handled media planning, consulting and research for DHL, InSight, Charles Schwab and Spectrum Holobyte. Also responsible for maintenance of computer software and hardware.

Davis Ball & Colombatto Advertising
San Francisco, CA

Media Planning - Primary planner for McDonald's advertising in the Sacramento, Fresno, Reno, and Chico/Redding markets. Work involved media planning, research and management.

Media Solutions, Inc.
St. Louis, MO

Media Planning - Primary work dealt with media management and planning for Kenrick Advertsing. Media planning included developing computer software to determine the diminishing rates of return of advertising effectiveness.

Hardware and Software Engineering Services
St. Louis, MO
Summer, 1988

Marketing Analyst - Conducted research and designed a database program to manage customer and vendor relations for CIM(Computer Integrated Manufacturing) consulting.

Campus Graphics
St. Louis, MO
Fall, 1986 - Spring, 1988

Photostat Camera Operator - Photostat photos and artwork for campus Washington University's newspaper, Student Life.

Consumer Publications
Randolph, MA
Summer, 1986, 1987

Paste Up Artist and Photostat Camera Operator - Designed and created ads for the advertising publications The Shopper's Guide and Ad Digest.

Arnold Advertising
Boston, MA
Fall, 1985 - Spring, 1986

Creative - Prepared ads for publication and visuals for sales meetings. Also worked in research collecting, organizing and analyzing information about competitor's marketing campaigns and buyer's market.

road.gif (8369 bytes) Interactive
Road Movie

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